The Great Berlin Curry Wurst Expedition

Last week I was in Germany, in Weimar and Berlin, specifically, and on Sunday I got to do something that I’ve only done in one other city: To spend a day walking around and looking for the best of its most typical street food. Berlin’s most typical street food – aside from its ubiquitous donerContinue reading “The Great Berlin Curry Wurst Expedition”

Pinux – P for vendetta

I’ve finally gotten a bit of connectivity and spare time in the middle of our training on Campcaster here in Jakarta, Indonesia, so I’m happy to finally be posting. The morning part of today’s session featured a remarkable presentation by Deddy Hendrian, the leader of Pinux, a Linux distribution made for Indonesian conditions. Before DeddyContinue reading “Pinux – P for vendetta”

At Euro Foo Camp/EuroOSCON

I’m in Brussels now, and for the past couple of days I’ve been attending the Euro Foo Camp, an invitation-only event put together by O’Reilly Publishing. It’s been a lot of fun, mind-expanding and thought-provoking, and I’ve definitely been thrilled to be in some pretty rarefied company. I’ve had the chance to talk about whatContinue reading “At Euro Foo Camp/EuroOSCON”