On the air – 9 June 2007

I’m busy preparing for tomorrow morning’s show, and I wanted to point out that I’ll be on the air from 6-9am on Prague’s Radio 1, 91.9 FM or http://www.radio1.cz in a few hours for my usual fortnightly Saturday morning seance, bringing you my typical blend of downtempo and Latin beats. There’s a whole lot ofContinue reading “On the air – 9 June 2007”

On the air, Saturday 7 April 2007

It’s been a while with all the traveling, but I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow morning on Radio 1 (www.radio1.cz or 91.9 FM in case you forgot), and there’s an awful lot to shoehorn into a three-hour set. As always, it’s 6 to 9 am on Saturday (which translates to either 9pm to midnightContinue reading “On the air, Saturday 7 April 2007”

On the air, Saturday 16 February 2007

I’ll be on the air on Prague’s Radio 1, 91.9 FM or http://www.radio1.cz, from 6-9 am tomorrow morning. As usual, lots of new stuff, including a really interesting new CD called “Tratana Basics 3: The New Brazilian Songwriting,” some new Koop remixes (one where Beanfield remixes Koop and then Koop remixes Susana Baca), and aContinue reading “On the air, Saturday 16 February 2007”

On the air tomorrow, 11 November 2006

I’ll be on the air on Radio 1 (91.9 FM here in Kafkaville) tomorrow, Saturday 11 November, from 6 to 9am, playing my signature mixture of slinky bossas, mellowed out nu-jazz, sophisticatedly deep house and other gems. The time slot I have is a unique one; it’s either very late or very early, depending onContinue reading “On the air tomorrow, 11 November 2006”

On the Air, 28 October 2006

I’ll be on the air on Radio 1, 91.9 FM here in Kafkaville, from 6 to 9am Saturday 28 October. Lots of good new stuff to play, including an excellent new remix album by Clara Hill, more Koop and – finally – Sabrina Malheiros’ remix album, “Vibrasons.” If you’re not in range of the RadioContinue reading “On the Air, 28 October 2006”

On the air, Saturday 30 September 2006

I’ll be playing this Saturday morning on Radio 1 from 6-9 am. I’ve got some pretty cool new stuff, and because I’m in the midst of a new mix CD I’ve been knee deep in the library, so there should be some good stuff from the crates as well. Once again, the stream is availableContinue reading “On the air, Saturday 30 September 2006”

Back in Prague and on the air

I’m back in Prague after a pretty long trip back from Dakar involving an all-night flight, a missed connection, quality time spent in Charles De Gaulle’s Terminal 2B and way too much airport cologne tried on. The last few days in Dakar were a blur of meetings, meetings and more meetings. But we’ve got peopleContinue reading “Back in Prague and on the air”